Quick Help:

Qn) How will I know when to collect my purchases?
Ans) You will receive an email when your purchase has been delivered by the seller to the HQ and has passed our company's quality checks.

Qn) What is the process involved in selling a merchandise on this site?
Ans) First, you will have to create an account in order to put up your merchandise. Once someone expresses interest in a merchandise, all you have to do it bring it over to our HQ where the buyer will be able to collect his purchase. However, take note that if the merchandise does not pass our company's quality checks, a full refund along with a penalty fee of 10% of the price of the merchandise will have to be paid to the buyer.

Qn) What are the quality checks that a merchandise will undergo?
Ans) The merchandise will be examined for cracks, deformations and will be checked to ensure that there has been little to no change in the original product.

Qn) If I declare any damage to the merchandise when I put it up for sale on the site, will I still be penalised for damages / poor quality merchandise?
Ans) As long as the declaration was not made after the merchandise was sold, you will not be penalised even if the buyer claims to not have noticed the declaration. However, if the records in the website shows that the change was made after the buyer decides to buy it, you will be penalised an additional 20% instead of the original 10%.